Stories From a Fallen World

Recorded August 2014. / Released May 2015.
  1. The Beginning
  2. The Promise
  3. The Horror
  4. The Pact
  5. The Battle
  6. The Regret
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The Beginning

The Beginning Out of the silence, a voice begins to preach • Saying he’s the man that will change everything • His vision of future, in which he will not bow • But rule the others - as he tries doing now • Setting foundation for this new economy • Was none other than killing his enemies • Now he faces their mighty ghosts as they haunt him on through the night, making him want to die • "We know you plead for the destruction and war • We know you grieve, grieve for your soul • We feel deeply, that you're afraid of tomorrow • We'll hear your screams unless you end this terror" • "Go away you silhouettes, you are but the fairy queens! • I ruined your existence, I'll ruin your resting peace!" • "You better think of what you're saying, you old man! • How dare you confront the spirits of the dead? • Now we’ll enslave both you and your men • You all shall face the eternal judgement!" • "Seize them! Take them away!" • "Now you’ll face the judge - our eternal queen • You better beg for mercy or be doomed for eternity!" • "I will beg no one! Not you, nor the "queen"! • You all better beg me to kill you instantly!" • "Oh no, how can this be? His power is overwhelming me... • Run my allies... Run..." • "Destroy all, men! Destroy everything! • No one can stop us, We've got eternity! • Thank you, dear fairies for immortalising me! • Now I can doom mankind for all eternity!"

The Promise

The Promise Cold was the night when I was told of all miseries known to men • Secrets worth more than gold, I lost my soul then. • This grotesque tome of wretchedness held malevolent runes that showed me pain • All the pain and suffering that you shall obtain! • Misery to the world, I've come to spread • I'm your worst fear, from now till the last day • I am your pain and I'll be your death • I'll make you scream, now and always! • You'll remember grief that comes with my face • Your flesh I will tear, It's time for my reign! • All these ancient scrolls have shown me a new way, a way of grotesque endangering • I’m a deathless apparition which brings your end with solemnity and brutality • For what you have hoped that will be your end • That will bring you peace and rest in this reign • Will just make worse and pain will just blend • Blood in your tears will show (that) there's no way • To get off this carnival of the damned • No good will you gain under my command • You're of no worth if you're dead - not to me, 'cause I enjoy your pain and suffering • I'm the supreme core of evil in all being • I adore my monstrosity

The Horror

The Horror The stars are falling, the sky is burning, the end seems to be nigh • Every living creature is trembling, praying soon to die • The fire is spreading through the lands as a symbol of his reign • There’s nothing left but tantalising pain, will it ever end? • “As a servant in my kingdom you will need no soul, • So let it bleed and embrace the darkness while I take control. • Let mercury into your veins and may sulphur be your breath • For when it’s done you won’t be afraid of death, ever again” • ‘Cause when they’re dead • They rise again • The torture never ends • They’re screaming • For generations his rotten hordes executed terrors untold • Blasphemous prophecies were true: he’s never getting old! • Blessed with immortality and a mind set on sin • With sardonic wrath his hate is burning deeply from within • Appropriation of seven kingdoms is the only dream he ever had • His merciless fleet manned by lead-filled corpses is ready to cross the sea of blood • Non-conforming! • Dominantly marching forth, he’s reaching his goal • The unquestioned rule of the macrocosm as whole • Scorching the grounds and blazing is his campaign • His constitution only recognises pain • Never-ending pain

The Pact

The Pact On the reach of the fifth kingdom • An ominous darkness surrounds the road • My legion froze, completely lifeless • As my breath is getting cold • What is this force? Where am I now? • Who is denying my flaming crown? • Where is the road? Where did it go? • I can’t feel the rocks below • Show yourself to me! • In this night there is nothing that’s bright and I barely see the ashen light • An eclipse of the face protrudes from the dark, this ghastly face I recognise • How can this be? My eyes disagree, but standing right here, in front of me • Is the Eternal Queen with a face so pale and her eyes shut tight behind a veil • “Never again” were the only words that she said • As she opened her eyes, I was consumed by the sheer absence of humanity • Two vortices arise revealing the darkness where her soul used to be • Such a glorious sight excites me beyond my grasp of reality • Her icy skin sending chills from within, was she really once my enemy? • I hold her tight while my flame shines bright and her soul consumes all of the other light • For a while there was no sound, just a black sun high above the ground • Lightning splits the skies • Unites the power in our eyes • Fires ignite our breath • We transcend life and death • Her presence makes me feel like I could burn the world • We shall rule as the ageless tyrants in the everlasting afterworld • Perpetual cries of the baseborn are the hymn to our joint reign • With disdain we shall wipe the life off this horrid astral plane • Never again will you be left out of my plan • Never again! • I will lead you to conquer worlds • What is this force? Who am I now? • Who is this jewel inside my crown? • What is this soul? Where does it go? • This vile feeling I can’t control • The flames burn so cold, but the frostbite is hot • United we’re stronger than we thought • With our powers combined we will end all the lives • Of the breathing scum that’s still alive • All must die! • Pray for all to die!

The Battle

The Battle The night devoured the morning, the fires burnt the ground • A worthy foe on the battlefield was nowhere to be found • Armies fell and rose again, to serve them on their side • They march on with audacity that cannot be denied • Onto the last victory, they’re ready for the game • The closing play in this theatre of pain • The curtain shall come down when the last kingdom’s controlled • By eternal darkness, as the prophecy foretold • The last battalion of the fair • Quavering in despair • Their champion arose • “We must take no remorse • …in our own death” • They’re flying high, observing puppets on the stage • Every scene filling them with bitterness and rage • Putting all resources into the final fight • Vast armies stretch beyond the line of sight • The air is getting thick from the grizzling sounds • Of weapons slicing flesh and bodies hitting ground • Past the point of no return, the oath has been sworn • A new sea of blood is bound here to be formed • Have no fear, pain is here • Fire! Fire! • Liberating, everlasting, mesmerising flame • Fire! The flames grow higher • The soul-consuming. dominating messenger of pain • Fire! Fire! • Consumes the flesh, reduces to ash, all that’s in its way • Fire! Sings like a choir • There’s no escape from melodies of abysmal dismay • On the other side, in the haunting dark the Eternal Queen was ready to strike • Casting spells of unspeakable woe, each one more deadly as her power grows • A courageous guild started a coup • They ambushed the Queen with a magical cloud • Blinded by rage she let her guard down • With all their strength they vigorously fought • For hours on end, until she was caught • They dragged her far away from here, never to be found • She was put on a torture wheel, head facing the ground • For every fallen ally they threw a sack of stones • The ambiance was filled with the sound of her cracking bones • They hacked her into pieces, cut every vein • She couldn’t die but she felt excruciating pain • As the final step they set her body alight • Her immortal soul was crushed with this gruesome sight • Comatose • From pain receptors’ overdose • She couldn’t move or breathe • Her soul collapsed • She couldn’t stand it any more • And once again • She was dead • Her soul began the journey towards the sky • Leaving her torturers petrified • Impervious darkness covers the plains • No light will there ever shine again • The Flaming Crown felt a part of him die • Absurdly still hoping that she’s alive • Riding swiftly towards the cursed site • This fate he will not recognise • Approached • The place where once she stood • But all that was left • Was burnt flesh • Devoured by emotions, his madness reached new heights • Cathartically killing everything in sight • The gateway from the afterlife was permanently closed • No undead soldiers evermore arose • Enemies and allies were all wiped alike • Abidingly put down by his fatal strike • Over his own actions he lost all control • For where was his soul is now a massive hole • He won’t stop until they’re all dead • If he could, he would cut his own head • All the world united to try to take him down • But they failed to even touch his crown • How can you kill that which will not die • To whom the comfort of death is denied? • How do you crush that which has no soul • That lost its purpose and ultimate goal? • Waves of soldiers met their gruesome end • Some even by their own hand • They embrace their deaths as a welcome release • From this living hell stripped off any sort of peace • Now they’re all dead • The sea is full of lead • Sitting on the edge of a bloody shore • Of his sanity he slowly regains control • All around him are fields of corpses • In his mind he still hears their voices • Outcome of this battle, the final score • He lost all he was working for • After a deep thought, to him it occurred • He is now the ruler of (an) empty world

The Regret

The Regret It was less than a century ago when you came • Claiming your innocence • With words that our destinies are the same • Slowly they fade away... • Just the image of your burning flesh • ...burning, burning... • Now it’s the only thing on my mind • ...wish I left it all behind... • They slaughtered you for a wrong cause • Oh, how have I been blind... • I wish I was dead myself • So we could rule eternity, all again • Soon I'll be with you, my precious love • I will torture myself to death • To repay all I owe to you • I will come to you as pure as a God...


Live 2016-2018


Serbia Rest of the world

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Past Future All
20 OCT 2018 21:00

Storytelling Across Europe
Rad bi bil Normalen Festival, Ravne pri Cerknem, Slovenia

19 OCT 2018 21:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Concrete Eden
Roter Gugl, Bad Waltersdorf, Austria

17 OCT 2018 19:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Dannati, Rabbid
Rockpub Centrale, Erba, Italy

16 OCT 2018 20:30

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Toward the Throne
Ebrietas, Zurich, Switzerland

15 OCT 2018 20:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Toward the Throne
No Man's Land, Volmerange-Les-Mines, France

14 OCT 2018 20:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Toward the Throne
Le Midland, Lille, France

13 OCT 2018 18:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Metrydia, Tenebrae Aeternum, Hell Gate, Toward the Throne
Le Cercle, Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Belgium

12 OCT 2018 21:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Ann My Guard, Death Charge
The Cave, Amsterdam, Netherlands

09 OCT 2018 20:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Desire for Sorrow
Hudební klub Křemelka, Strakonice, Czechia

08 OCT 2018 19:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Coldblooded Fish
Balada Bar, Prague, Czechia

07 OCT 2018 20:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Event Relentless
Cemetery Pub, Krakow, Poland

06 OCT 2018 23:00

Storytelling Across Europe
S8 Underground, Budapest, Hungary

05 OCT 2018 22:00

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Nemesis
Zeppelin, Šabac, Serbia

04 OCT 2018 20:30

Storytelling Across Europe: Carnival of Flesh, Aurium
Fest, Belgrade, Serbia

11 JUN 2018 19:00

Welicoruss, Carnival of Flesh, Ognjena Kočija, Riverroth
Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia

05 FEB 2018 20:30

Rossomahaar, Carnival of Flesh
Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia

23 DEC 2016 20:30

Storytelling: Carnival of Flesh / Nemesis / Tethyal
Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia



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Reviews Interviews All
30 NOV 2015
"...The work of the keyboards is good and framed properly, with scores solemn and vigorous (but never overly emphatic or baroque), a guitarwork aggressive enough and after all firmly anchored to the old school, as evidenced by the multiple digressions into territories that dot the various thrashy pieces..." (in Italian)
26 NOV 2015
"...Carnival of Flesh is a horde that could confuse some people [and start] a dispute if the band is either black gothic doom or if it`s even metal and who cares now, right?..."
11 NOV 2015
Ondes Chocs Review
"...With this first album, CARNIVAL OF FLESH clearly shows its influences. I can not help but remember the music made by the big names of Symphonic Black Metal at the turn of the millennium [...] I am eager to hear where it will lead its music..."
27 AUG 2015
Metal Temple Review
"...In a genre that’s known for playing it straight with no shortage of bombast, CARNIVAL OF FLESH impress with the tastefulness of their arrangements, especially paired with the frightening tale the lyrics tell, the story of a ruler driven mad with bloodlust in his quest for power everlasting..."
24 AUG 2015
"The symphonic approach by Carnival of Flesh adds the kind of orchestral depth and almost cinematic sweep that grabs me tightly. At times the vocals are… grandiose? So is the music. The combination is theatrical and exhilarating. This new band comes out of the box polished, gleaming and brimming with quality to compete at the topmost level."
03 AUG 2015
Undergrounded Review
"One usually gets their tarot reading from a one-eyed gypsy at a fair, which in turn transforms into a beautiful gypsy lady... But I digress. When one gets a CD and a tarot card from Carnival of Flesh, one must rightly ask what fate to expect..." (in German)
26 JUL 2015
"...Carnival of Flesh deliver a symphonic black metal that breaks definitely the canons of traditional black metal [...] It is not the usual, dispersive hodgepodge; on the contrary, their being symphonic does not prevent them from being concrete and going straight to the point..."
05 JUL 2015
"...You can take the name quite literally and go back to the first time you saw an abandoned theme park, in a horror film or otherwise, and felt that uncomfortable feeling of eeriness and despair. That is the emotional background we try to paint with our music as we take you on the ride..."
25 JUN 2015
"...The arrangements of the music are unlike anything I've ever heard in the black metal scene and it even makes me wonder if the term black metal is appropriate here. [...] Let's just say you have to be at least a little open minded when you listen to STORIES FROM A FALLEN WORLD..."
09 JUN 2015
The Killchain Review
"...This is not your tin-pot, buzzsaw black metal. This is rich with orchestral flourishes and a cracking production. [...] Carnival of Flesh use their orchestral arrangements well, enhancing rather than dominating the metal side of their music..."
08 JUN 2015
"...If I had a label, a band with this kind of professional ethics that is willing to participate in creating synergetic promotional effect would be my first choice, only if their music is as half good as their marketing competence – and the music on Stories From A Fallen World is everything but a let down..."
08 JUN 2015
Stu's Reviews Review
"...Surprisingly the last track 'The Regret' is quite mainstream, almost commercial sounding with a great riff running throughout...."
06 JUN 2015
"...Carnival Of Flesh plays a style of black metal that is very symphonic and is more closer to the mid 90's era of this genre, the production sounds very professional for being a self released recording while the lyrics cover pain, misery, death and suffering..."
03 JUN 2015
Listen to Dachaz going full ramblomatic with Tom on topics of music, film, travel as well as history and the future of Carnival of Flesh
03 JUN 2015
"...“Stories From a Fallen World” is a fresh and unique experience that should be heard by anyone who loves just about any type of metal and is not afraid to venture into those odd hybrid genres like this one..."
01 JUN 2015
"...Carnival of Flesh just goes to show that it's probably impossible to completely hate a genre of music. There's a gem for everyone in every genre..."
01 APR 2015
"...the CD is a good starting point for the future of the Serbs as the basis of a quirky and interesting style that could well define the future work of the band [...] it is definitely a recommended and enjoyable album to listen to. A great success as the Serbian debut quartet..." (in Spanish)
14 MAR 2015
Helly Cherry Interview
"...if you love your music, record it the way it deserves..." (in Serbian)
05 MAR 2015
6/10 Review
"..."The Promise" has everything a good symphonic black metal song needs: an intro where the atmosphere builds, unusual and interesting guitar riffs, keyboard melodies which are likeable and not annoying and a harmonious finish..." (in German)
01 MAR 2015
Serbian Metal Review
"...this is, without a doubt, one of the most mature Serbian metal releases that we had the chance to present in the last years..." (in Serbian)
15 FEB 2015
"...The keyboards provide melody and orchestration, sometimes almost bombastic, while the guitars and thundering drums are taking care of the black metal element..." (in Dutch)
07 FEB 2015
Zware Metalen Review
"...Oldschool symphonic black, for those who didn't have enough of it. [...] These Serbs don't prefer the extreme but are rather staying inside the symphonic aspect with both feet on the ground..." (in Dutch)
02 FEB 2015
"...Considering this is strictly speaking a demo, the playing and production are very good. I have heard albums by bigger bands that have lesser production values. [...] Carnival of Flesh are playing it by the book..."
01 FEB 2015
"...Professional but average symphonic black metal, worth to be pushed into masses, the masses who opened for quality symphonic black metal sounds..."
31 JAN 2015
Metal Messiah Radio Radio feature
A recording of Steffie's Sinful Spotlight from MMR News, containing a short interview and a song sample of "The Promise".
31 JAN 2015
"...the symphonic 90s sound in general is the trademark of Carnival of Flesh and their debut record ‘Stories From a Fallen World.’ [...] ‘Stories…’ has a ‘Midian’-like sound sound to it which gives the record a nice and cold feeling..."
28 JAN 2015
Viktoras Blogas Interview
"...Apart from the inspiration found in the world around me, for some verses the music just "spoke to me" — which was a very beautiful synaesthetic experience. You can imagine that as working on a painting, where you have a rough sketch and on top of that sketch some details are drawn to perfection, so you start drawing around them to finish the painting..."
21 JAN 2015
"...Expect heavy black metal, full of symphonic and bombastic sounds. [...] Carnival of Flesh has done a pretty great job at making some very nice symphonic black metal..."


The Band

2002 - 2008

The story of Carnival of Flesh starts in late 2002, when two guys, Dachaz and Dam, wanted to reshape the Serbian black metal scene with a sound that escapes the traditional black Metal boundaries. This sound was commonly described as a refreshing mix of heavier guitars and more mind-blowing symphonies than usual. Due to frequent personnel changes, the desired sound was not reached, and the band officially splits up in 2008.


Carnival of Flesh was rebooted as a studio project. Over the course of the year, the perfect conditions were created for recording: Some of the best songs from the past were hand-picked from the vault, their arrangements were updated, lyrics conceptually rewritten and some of the best personnel was engaged. Thus, “Stories From a Fallen World” were born.


“Stories From a Fallen World” is released both as a deluxe digipak edition and via digital distribution channels.


The band finally gets its full form again and they deliver a stunning performance on the “Storytelling” event in Belgrade.


To announce their European tour, Carnival of Flesh appear on two warmup shows in Belgrade: with Rossomahaar and with Welicoruss. The tour, labelled “Storytelling across Europe”, took place in 14 European cities during October.

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